Thursday, August 13, 2009

How media portrays PNG

Its funny how the media around the world focus's on the negatives of PNG and very little on the positves such as the tradition, the people, the environment and the uniqueness of the Land.
I was talking to someone today about Papua New Guinea and all they could talk about were the raskols who walked around with guns killing people, the corruption, the 'rubbish education'..

Huh?? Is this really only what PNG is about...NO!!! There are so many other unique things to Papua New Guinea than you think there is..things that you would'nt expect to see in other parts of the world..This is what I was saying to him...It was actually his first time to hear all this which made me realise that the is the media portrays Papua New Guinea as a 'bad' , 'dangerous country...Well yes it can be dangerous (like many places around the world) but it can also be an adventure...a chance to explore different cultures and learn about their traditions and 'daily life' ....The media shows great BIAS towards Papua New Guinea and actually gives it a bad name..(which is also a disadvantage to the Toursim industry in PNG)..

Dont Judge a book by its cover....(Dont judge PNG on whats shown on the media...its not all what you think it is)
Get packing
and get your butt over to Papua New Guinea
Catch Mulai

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update on news

Enough about my life for now ... lets focus on some news about whats happenin around PnG..(just let me tell you guys that at this very moment I am lookin at a bright colourful fascinating) ok ok back to the real post..Well about the not dissing the govt im re-emphasisng the point and news at which is being published in the daily news of the Post Courier (PNG newspapaer).. An important issue we go,,

The Rural people of Papua New Guinea ( the people who live in outside of town area) are struggling to the point at which they are not able to purchase the daily needs like Food,,water and basic utensils on a daily or weekly basis..well this may be becoz of the govt and how they distribute their services to the people.. PNG has been an independent country for ova 35 years yet they are not delivering services to the poeple properly..and they are not sufficeint,,
This is a big problem ....well what do you think?? Was it a mistake for PNg to become independent??? Or do they need to get there act into gear and get the desired results that is wanted and will support the People of Papua New Guinea....????? Is the govt failing to distribute the goods and services that is needed??? these are the questions that are crying out for answers...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Madang Kantri klub

As they say "Come golfing in the 'Prettiest town in the Pacific". come down and hit a ball down the pristine fairway..whack a tennis ball with a friend..get ur bowling shoes on and have a go at lawn bowls..maybe even rev up and experiment your way through the squash courts!! End it all with a drink at the bar with the friendly staff,, relax and look out upon the exotic view of the pacific ocean..

A brilliant venue for Disco's, birthdays etc..Yes there are big dances and get together nights held throughout the year..Western nights,, hawaiian nights,, christmas functions,,oh and not forgetting NEW YEARS.. yerr its a blast!!

..Drop by,,Make a scene and Enjoy~~:D

Beautiful madang (My front door view)

Yes I encourage you to visit the land of the unexpected.PNG that is!! Take a step on this land ...maybe even go further and take a ride downtown ..take a tour,, shake hands of the friendly,,welcoming,,warmhearted people of this land..

Since Ive only really been in Madang I can only advise you of the places to see,, places to go people to meet and beaches to swim..MACHINE GUN beach (Masingun)..

This is my front door view..its sounds pretty exciting..but its more than that.. its unimaginable,,unique,,breathtaking...ok ok ill stop with the big words..well its something that only few people get to see everyday..!! A rocky,,white sand,, cocnut trees,, coral reef ,,long long time ago WW2 war zone. (the reason why its called machinegun beach).. An old ,yet famous figure still standing tall still full of memories of the 2nd world war.

Wow is this really true???..yes it is ..My childhood memories are glued,,and are yet to remain foreva! GLUE that no one can claw off or tear!!

I hope you realise that this is only the beggining ,,,hehe! amazed yet,,i bet ur just getting started..well more yet to come..dont go..come back.. :)

My favourite quote:
You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world

Nambawan blog

Avinun, Mornin tru,,gudnait

Well here I am ..this is my blog..a beautiful untouched blog yet to be fulfilled by my insight to PNG life..filled with issues,,culture,,tradition,,photos,,my life in madang town and more!!

I grew up in madang town..sorry i mean Beautiful Madang! loved it,,still savouring the experience and neva will forget it!,,,

This beyond extraordinary blog will accomadate you and how your mind flies and how your opinion flows throughout this blog..please enjoy ..any feedback or constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated..

Well here we go
Enjoy,appreciatte, have a ball,live it up, reap the benefits
Dont take drugs,,,Take this!!