Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update on news

Enough about my life for now ... lets focus on some news about whats happenin around PnG..(just let me tell you guys that at this very moment I am lookin at a bright colourful fascinating) ok ok back to the real post..Well about the not dissing the govt im re-emphasisng the point and news at which is being published in the daily news of the Post Courier (PNG newspapaer).. An important issue we go,,

The Rural people of Papua New Guinea ( the people who live in outside of town area) are struggling to the point at which they are not able to purchase the daily needs like Food,,water and basic utensils on a daily or weekly basis..well this may be becoz of the govt and how they distribute their services to the people.. PNG has been an independent country for ova 35 years yet they are not delivering services to the poeple properly..and they are not sufficeint,,
This is a big problem ....well what do you think?? Was it a mistake for PNg to become independent??? Or do they need to get there act into gear and get the desired results that is wanted and will support the People of Papua New Guinea....????? Is the govt failing to distribute the goods and services that is needed??? these are the questions that are crying out for answers...

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  1. i feel these issues shud be taken seriously....she writes these issues not from second hand knowledge...shes been there and actually seen how the ppl of rural parts of PNG actually live their lives.....